Week long Cooking Classes in Italy with a professional cooking instructor

My week-long cooking classes are for those who love Italian food and want to learn how to cook classic Italian recipes with useful tricks and tips from a professional cooking instructor. My cooking experiences are based in Venice, Northern Italy. I organize private,  hands-on classes in my Venetian apartment, in the historical city center, in a traditional kitchen. I share all the home-cooking recipes I learnt from my grandma and mother.

private cooking classes      6 days      6 hours / 5 recipes per day

home-cooking recipes and good choice of  Italian wine  

          9oo € per person       

The cooking school is based in the city center of Venice

Cooking sessions include:

• private, hands-on cooking class for couples or families with children

• 6 days in the kitchen with cooking instructor ( from 9 am to 3 pm every day)

• 5 different recipes with 5 different wines per day

• any level, from absolute beginners to expert home cooks

Daily program of the cooking course:

Day 1: all about pasta ( how to make pasta from scratch, how to shape pasta, how to use a pasta machine, how to prepare stuffed pasta, how to prepare homemade pasta sauce).

Day 2: all about Italian rice ( how to make any type of vegetarian, fish, meat, and cheese – risotto).

Day 3: all about pizza and focaccia ( how to make the dough from scratch using different kinds of flours and fresh yeast).

Day 4: all about Italian meat ( how to sauté meat with vegetables, how to stew beef, how to cook meat with wine, how to bake special dishes for special events)

Day 5: all about Italian fish: how to choose fresh fish, how to clean and prepare it, how to cook with or without sauces, how to stew and bake different kinds of fish)

Day 6: all about Italian sweets and homemade gelato ( how to bake basic Italian biscuits with chocolate, coffee, and nuts. How to make homemade tiramisu and how to create different variations. How to make gelato from scratch without an ice cream machine).


The week-long cooking classes are designed for people who love to cook and want to learn more about Italian recipes. No special cooking skills are required; the cooking course is suitable for absolute beginners who have no experience in the kitchen or expert home cooks. All you need is a desire to learn, to put your hands to work, and be willing to spend the morning in my kitchen. Together, we will prepare five different recipes each day. At the end of the course, you will have a complete understanding of Italian cooking methods and how to prepare iconic Italian recipes. The course is suitable for couples or families.  Children are welcome.


My week-long cooking classes are held where I was born and currently live: Venice. The classes are held in Dorsoduro district, in my Venetian house. We will work in my spacious kitchen. I have a big kitchen with a spacious workspace and a dining room where we will enjoy all the recipes we will cook together.


The cooking classes starts each morning at 9 am and ends around 3 pm. The day starts by having a typical Italian breakfast with cappuccino and homemade cookies or sweets together. Then we start working in the kitchen. Together, we will cook five different recipes and then we will enjoy lunch around my dining table. Wine pairings from the Veneto region and northern Italy are chosen together for each dish. I will explain all the cooking methods and show you the ingredients we will use in each recipe. I will show you what to do and then let you practice. No one is left on their own, I am always there and available to help my guests improve their manual skills and cooking techniques. I will teach you all of my secrets and everything that I learned from my grandmother and mother.


In my private cooking class, you will learn Italian home cooking that you will be able to prepare at home by yourself. We will use fresh and seasonal ingredients, local vegetables, fresh herbs, fish, and meat. Everything will be done from scratch.  Variations to the program can be created such as vegetarian or pescatarian menus. You will learn how to use spices, fresh herbs, and Italian olive oil. Dishes will be enriched with a selection of Italian cheeses.


Wine is a staple on my table and I have a rich selection of Italian wines in my home. During the course, you will learn the basics of pairing, how to serve wine and how to taste it. I offer a list of wines from northern Italy, but my guests are encouraged to let me know of any personal preference so I can adjust the menu.


In my week-long cooking classes in Italy, course days are divided by topic so that it can be explored in depth. It starts with pasta. You learn how to choose different kind of flour ( plain and whole wheat), how to knead the dough, and all about egg pasta. We then go on to learn how to shape pasta and how to make stuffed pasta. You will discover how easy it is to make ravioli with meat and cheese. We will serve them with homemade sauces. The following day is devoted to rice which is a staple ingredient in Italian cuisine. You will learn how to make meat, fish, and vegetable-based risotto.  The third day is dedicated to pizza and focaccia. You start by making dough with water and yeast. You learn the basics of leavening and the choice of flour. While the dough is rising, you make homemade tomato sauce starting from fresh tomatoes. Eventually, you will discover that it is possible to make homemade pizza as good as that of Italian pizzerias. The next days are devoted to meat and fish. You learn cooking methods to learn recipes that can be easily repeated at home. The last day is dedicated to Italian desserts and ice cream. I will show you how to make homemade tiramisu and ice cream without having special expensive kitchen tools.


All the recipes you will learn are mainstays of Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean diet. If you like, in my cooking courses, you can choose to cook typical Venetian recipes such as “pasta e fagioli”, “radicchio risotto”, “liver with onions”, “marinated sardines with sweet onions and pine nuts”. You will learn how to cook everything you have tasted in Italian restaurants with a home-cooking twist. The ingredients we will use are easily available, so that when you return home, you can practice in your own kitchen, and repeat all the recipes you have learned. You will not need any special equipment, just simple and common pots and pans and a few kitchen tools that everyone has at home.

Learn to cook from home

Do you want to learn to cook Italian recipes from the comfort of your home? Have a look at my website Accademia di Cucina Italiana. It’s an online learning platform, all of which in English. Pre-recorded cooking videos will help you to learn the basic cooking methods, traditional and iconic Italian recipes, and basic tricks that you can use every day in your kitchen. Watch 2 videos for free and learn how to prepare homemade tomato sauce and a basic risotto.


This video recipe explains different methods of how to make homemade tomato sauce. It’s easier than you may think. Start by buying some fresh tomatoes, you choose the variety you prefer.  You can also read the comprehensive tutorial to learn more.


In this video recipe, I will introduce you to the “risotto”, an Italian first-course dish typical of Northern Italy.  I will teach you the basics of cooking a perfect risotto, Italian style. Once you have learnt the cooking technique,  you can cook any other kind of risotto you may like. Read more.


Have a look at this interesting video by Italia Squisita, one of my favourite YouTube channels. You will have an idea of how easy is it to make pizza at home starting with basic ingredients.


If you still have limited knowledge of Italian cooking, you may have been curious about what recipes and ingredients are used to cook our iconic recipes. I’m happy to provide any kind of information you need so that you can enjoy your week-long cooking classes in Italy with me.

Cooking school based in Venice

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