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Looking for cooking classes in Italy? As a professional cooking instructor, I organize classes in Venice. I offer a variety of options suitable for any person who wants to become more confident in the kitchen learning basic cooking methods or elaborate iconic Italian recipes. My classes are held in my Venetian apartment, in a comfortable and well-equipped traditional kitchen. All of which in English. No previous experience is required. My private classes are for couples or families. Children are welcome.

Learn to cook Italian recipes with a professional cooking instructor

based in the city center of Venice

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My cooking classes are very practical, informative and suitable for anyone who is willing to learn to cook. I developed a teaching method who always guarantees good results. We will choose together the menu, I will buy the ingredients at the daily market and we will meet at my place. After an Italian welcome breakfast together, we start to work together in the kitchen. I will explain what and how to do and then, I let you practice. At the end of the cooking course you will discover how easy is it to cook and once back at your home, you will be able to do the same recipe by yourself without any efforts. I focus on teaching basic cooking methods and simple tricks that you can use daily in your kitchen. Once you have learned them, you will be able to create variations on the recipes you find on cookbooks or on your favourite cooking shows. Once everything is done, we sit together around my table to enjoy lunch together.


I usually suggest my guests a menu according their preferences. We can work on it together. I can adapt the menu according vegetarian or vegan preferences or any diet restrictions. My cooking classes are based on iconic, traditional Italian recipes. For example: homemade pasta from scratch, stuffed pasta, potato gnocchi, fish risotto, homemade pizza and focaccia, stew meat with Italian wine, polpette, fish sauce for pasta, vegetarian lasagne, Bolognese sauce, tiramisu, and homemade gelato. All recipes I suggest are easy to make, they don’t require specific kitchen tools just basic pans and basic ingredients.


I am an Italian cooking instructor and have long experience in teaching. I was born and bread in Venice, from a Venetian family. I am a psychologist specializing in nutrition, and food has always been my passion. In life I help people on a diet, I teach them how to cook traditional Mediterranean dishes with a focus on healthy and low-calorie cooking methods. Besides that, I enjoy being with foreigners and I like to speak in English. It is a way for me to open myself to the world and to introduce Italian cuisine to people living abroad. I am a very practical person and have developed a teaching method that works well even with beginners. I have a lot of patience and am a very calm person who can put guests at ease. Learning to cook is easy, you just need a good teacher.


For those who want to learn to cook, I always suggest starting with traditional Italian dishes. Forget the elaborate recipes that trendy restaurants offer and focus on the recipes that Italian grandmothers love. A typical example is homemade pasta or potato gnocchi. These are recipes that require basic ingredients that everyone has at home and the cooking methods are really very simple. The satisfaction is great. Italians are also well known for the variety of sauces they create to top pasta dishes. You can start from making homemade tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes bought at the market. Much better than store-bought sauce. Cheese is also a good ingredient to create sauces for pasta. The roman recipe “Cacio e pepe” is an example. It’s a creamy recipe created with Pecorino and Parmigiano cheese. Ricotta cheese goes very well with spinach and Provola with red radicchio. If you like meat, the best recipe you can try to prepare by yourself is Bolognese sauce made with ground pork, beef and tomato sauce.


In my recipes, I use only fresh, seasonal ingredients. I do not buy anything at the supermarket, because I prefer to shop at the market every day. I am a very responsible consumer and support the local economy in any way I can. In my cooking classes, only basic ingredients that everyone can easily find are used. I have a strong focus on choosing fresh local vegetables that can easily enhance any recipe. According to the season, I suggest different recipes to my guests. In Autumn, pumpkin and mushrooms are perfect for risotto. In springtime, asparagus and artichokes are a good base for lasagne. In Summer, fresh tomatoes are used to top pizza or focaccia. In Winter, red radicchio is perfect to accompany meat. In my cooking classes in Italy, I will tell you all the secrets I know to buy good produce at the market.


I was born and raised in Venice to Venetian parents. I have spent my whole life in Venice. I know the city very well. I organize my cooking classes in the house where I live, which is well organized to accommodate people in my kitchen. I live in the historic center, in the Dorsoduro neighborhood which is a very quiet place and not too touristy. Venice is a tourist destination that everyone wants to visit once in a lifetime, I am lucky enough to live there. I am always available to help my guests to better organize their vacation in Venice by providing information. Despite being very touristy, Venice has a lot to offer if you are lucky enough to know a Venetian who knows everything about it.


Venice is known for its seafood culinary traditions. The Venice lagoon and the Adriatic Sea offer an interesting variety of fish that can also be used for typical local recipes. Mussels and shellfish, for example, are perfect ingredients for making a fish risotto. Typical local shrimp or our scallops are perfect for making a pasta sauce with the addition of tomato. “Sarde in saor” – sardines fried and then cooked with onions and vinegar-  is one of the most well-known local recipes. It takes time to cook it, but it worths. If you love fish, don’t miss the cuttlefish cooked with the black ink. You can enjoy them with polenta or with pasta. According to Venetian culinary traditions, local dishes are never particularly elaborate. Rather, they are simple in methods and with few ingredients. For example, many types of fish fillets are simply sauteed with white wine and fresh herbs such as basil or oregano. In typical Venetian restaurants, you easily find a selection of boiled fish seasoned only with the addition of olive oil. Do you want to learn to cook fish? Come and enjoy my cooking classes in Italy!


If you can’t come to Venice and join one of my cooking classes in Italy, no problem. You can learn from the comfort of your home. I created an online learning platform: Accademia di Cucina Italiana. Subscribe and you will have access to pre-recording cooking videos where I teach the basic cooking methods to prepare traditional Italian recipes. On my YouTube channel, where I share cooking videos for free, you can have an idea about the videos I do in my kitchen. You can learn a lot about Italian food simply by watching them.


Italians love food and also wine. That’s why at home I have a good selection of wine from Veneto region. A good glass of wine is an essential item on my table. If you love full-bodied wine from Southern Italy, let’s talk it over. I really enjoy to help people to develop their knowledge about the incredible variety of wine we have in Italy. Wine helps people to talk and relax, so, why not? Wine can also be an essential ingredients for your recipes. Learning how to use it, will bring your recipes to another level. In my cooking classes in Italy, I will also teach the basic rules to pair wine with food.

My cooking school is based in Venice

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