I chose the name Cooking&Travelling for the website because it is the most suitable to summarize what I do. I organize cooking classes for those interested in travelling around Italy and who wish to participate in sustainable tourism in Venice. A trip to discover flavours and traditions. I use cooking as a means to help and understand what the Italian life-style is all about: good food, family orientated, the pleasure of sharing company, the love for beauty and quality.

According to me the best way to approach Italian culture is to rely on someone who belongs and lives here. A travelling experience with Venetians, the opportunity to be in a typical Venetian home where to learn how to cook.

I have lived in Venice since I was born and I consider myself very lucky, although, I am well aware of how mass tourism is changing it. The idea of organizing food&wine holidays, catering for sustainable tourism, actually started from this issue. Compatible activities with the territory, above all cultural traditions, a slow and relaxing pace, small groups of travellers/guests, and interaction with the Venetian residents. I would like to pass on my love for good food and Italian tradition.

On this website, you can find out about what I do. The texts and photos are here to tell you something about myself and my job.

Cooking Courses in Venice

I organize cooking courses in Venice for anyone interested in Italian food and wine. I focus on and teach the basics of Italian cuisine, dishes you can prepare every day at home. At the end of the course, you will be able to cook lasagne, gnocchi, risotto, tiramisù and basic recipes to make any kind of sugo for pasta. I will match a different type of wine to each dish, in order to obtain the most satisfying results. The method is really simple: I demonstrate how to make it and then we all practise in the kitchen. Learning how to cook is not difficult but just reading a recipe does not always guarantee first-class results. Everything starts by tasting. One must have the chance to taste traditional Italian dishes, to acquire the flavour and see how they are produced, understanding the tricks and secrets.

During my classes, we will be cooking main courses for lunch and dinner every day. We will be eating each meal together. In the evening I will invite my friends, an occasion to meet other Venetians and put yourself to the test.

 Cooking is my passion and Venice is my city. I organize cooking classes at home which is mainly geared towards hospitality. Cooking also means sharing food at the table. My job is to try and convey the Italian lifestyle, the love for good food and conviviality. I enjoy opening the door of my home to travellers who want to learn something about Italy and its culture. Personally, I do not have anything against restaurants, on the contrary, home-made cooking is somewhat special.

My Venetian Home

I live in a typical Venetian flat in the heart of the city. I grow fruit trees, herbs and flowers on my sunny terrace. It is a friendly home with big rooms and a dining room where I have dinner parties. I also organize other forms of entertainment, another way of introducing my guests to the Venetian atmosphere and help perceive and live the city like one of us. Boat trips, visits to the other islands, strolls in the most authentic areas of Venice and last but not least, the traditional aperitive drink sitting in a typical Venetian spot.

Sustainable tourism in Venice
sustainable tourism in Venice
Stainable toursim – ancient palazzos in venice
Stainable toursim – Canal Grande
Cooking and Travelling - gondola Venice